Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Eat Breakfast And Bust Ghosts

There's something about the glory days of breakfast cereal commercials. Today you have Tony the Tiger playing baseball so they can encourage a healthy lifestyle with your bowl of sugar. Back then, they'd brag about the bowel of candy you could eat, give you a prize, and even have a contest you'd actually want to win! All while the commercial was fully animated and entertaining. The internet is 90% people saying things used to be better and in this case it's absolutely true. Somebody let the guy who's allergic to air conditioning dictate things and now we're all pretending to be healthy because Captain Crunch doesn't come with a baking soda submarine anymore.

Oh hey, Ghostbusters. This commercial is great. The animated portion with the kids and the ghost is just a thing of astronaut. I misspelled beauty and spelling check suggested astronaut. It's pretty well animated too, in a long forgotten style that just warms my heart to see. There's a contest to win a trip to the Ghostbusters headquarters! That's pretty great. I love the generic Ghostbuster used in the spot too. I think what gets me the most is the free included record. By the time of this commercials airing (1989) record players were still fairly common. A thing of the past sure, but you likely had access to one.

I remember the records that would be on the back of cereal boxes and their inability to play well due to the nature of removing said rerecord via perforated line. You could play it, but never mind. This record looked to be bagged and inside the box of cereal. That's pretty nice.

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