Now on YouTube!

If you hadn't noticed the link over there ---> in the right sidebar for a YouTube account for the past few days, well it's for the new Zone Base YouTube account! I've been wanting to do this some time (with a few false starts) and finally hit the ground stumbling! My first post is a bit of a test trial with an inexpensive action camera. I took it to my local Dollar Tree to pick out some blind bag goodies and that joker is getting returned! I guess further out and about videos will be done with my phone or much nicer camera that's getting used for other videos. To not have an empty channel, I uploaded some older videos I had made during a prior attempt to do videos.

It'll be a rough start and I'll probably be horrible at this but... well, I guess that's just a fact. I'm not out to be a big internet celebrity and just like this very site here, it's just a way to enjoy my hobby with others. Really the videos will be an extension of the site (like my Instagram) and I plan to have regular updates there. Please Like and Subscribe! (I get to say that now)


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