Friday Night Video Fright

Another busy Friday night, another movie night post here on the Base! Folks, I'll be honest, Friday is usually a pretty hard night for me. To make things worse, I've got some sort of head cold making me just a little miserable. It'd be a good time for comfort food, but first I need to finish this can of Cherry Bubly I thought would taste good (nope). I'm going to my happy place and bring you all with me. Sound good? Here's a long block of old Halloween commercials. I know it's only January, but let's face it, the month is like 6 years long. We could all use some silly fun. And what's more silly than.... I like Halloween. I'm just making an excuse to enjoy it in January. I see the site traffic, the Halloween stuff gets hits all year. You all like it too. We all can be weird together.


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