Friday, December 6, 2019

Powered Masters of Prime

It's been a while since I've talked PMOP. My absolute favorite Transformer toy of all the times. Probably because, well, at this point there's only so much I can say about him other than the occasional 'man I love this thing' post. posted earlier on their Twitter a great look at early working designs for PMOP. It's a really cool concept drawing that I would like to see a toy of eventually. Basically the cab and trailer modes hearkened back to Ultra Magnus's design, which in turn transferred over to the super mode for Optimus.

This was a really nice throwback to Diaclone in which the Ultra Magnus/Powered Convoy toy was a upgrade to the Optimus Prime/Battle Convoy toy. Part of me wonders how much Takara was planning on eventually reusing the molds later on. Several Transformers molds got used in later assortments of Microman as well as their use in Brave, which in turn the first few years of Transformers toy molds came mostly from Diaclone and Microman. So I wonder if Takara designers had potential future uses of the mold in mind at the development stage. Mind you, at this point Transformers had only been going on for a few years, and was starting to wane in popularity. What's to say a designer wasn't considering/expecting for the line to revert back to Diaclone at some point?

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