Monday, December 16, 2019

Nezha Transformers are pretty neat

A video of somebody playing with a Nezha Power Up Pack figure popped up on Facebook Friday (I held this for today) and man does it look neat. While the Nezha Transformers looks to be mostly Cyberverse toys and character models with new characters and toys, the new Power Up pack figures (assuming they'll be more) have a bit more to them. Seemingly decently articulated, and storing the figurine of the toys driver type character (I'm assuming Nezha pilots his robot) in the chest, it's a pretty neat looking toy.

I mentioned a million times before about the more simple toys like Cyberverse figures being extremely similar to older Transformers toys. Nehza really makes me think of a fancier G2 toy, like Laser Optimus Prime. Before that one guy snorts and guffaws before asking for a donation, I don't mean that super literally. I meant as in about the same complexity and a similar enough build.

Warrior Class Hot Rod feels like a lost Brave toy to me, some Energon Igniters have very similar engineering and builds to G2 Aquaspeeders. Honestly the entire Power series felt like they could easily been adapted from Aquaspeeder or Rotor Force molds with the detachable pull back gimmick. Nezha makes me think early 90's super robot toy, and looks to have the same complexity of Laser Prime. The driver figure isn't anything new, but makes me think of Robotman/Biotron a little in execution. Though the new characters and look is super fresh and original and that's so hard not to like.

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