Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hardee's Christmas Carol

Lot's of things come to mind when you say Hardee's. Burgers, breakfast, and that weird Carl Jr.'s co-branding. For me in particular, I often remember the various promotions the restaurant has had. California Raisins, Gremlins read along books, Pound Puppies, and of course the Disney Christmas toys. To go along with the tv debut of Mickey's Christmas Carol, Disney and Hardee's came together and made dolls of the various characters from the special.

Happy, adorable dolls of the characters minus all the sad and spooky shit contained within the actual show. Hey kids, here's a doll of Jacob Marley's ghost! Jacob's here to haunt Scrooge, who's a miserable bastard. Such a miserable bastard that a bunch of other ghosts come to show him just how miserable of a bastard he is. Then there's Bob and Emily Cratchet who's kid is about to die, which Scrooge will learn via ghost showing him he's a miserable bastard. Or you can have Fred. Fuck Fred.

All jokes aside about the ghost story the special is based on, it was a pretty great promotion. Disney and Christmas just go together. Who wouldn't love a stuffed Mickey Mouse? And what a really good adaption of a morality lesson learned (don't be a dick) at Christmas time. Just the right thing to stuff them stockings with. Not to mention, the place has pretty good burgers.

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