Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Happy Hallow... Christmas from Minolta

Let's be 100% honest here. Minolta straight up recycled their Halloween commercial and tried to pass it off as a Christmas commercial. Know what? Good for them! Sure, by November 1st it's time to let the jack o' lanterns rest a little... but by January I'm missing seeing them at Walmart. So getting a little ooky spooky during Frosty and Rudolf's time is pretty damned welcome.

Though, what in the hell are these kids up to anyway? They just sneak up to their neighborhoods scary house and plan to get a picture of the much rumored spooky guy who owns it. For good measure, the blonde kid has a bowl (I almost said bowel because it looks like shit) cut and the scrappy kid sister is wearing her hat incorrectly.

The Minolta Kids Club is trying to take a picture of Mr Spooky Ass House and turns out he's a UMPIRE, not a VAMPIRE. HOLY SHIT THAT'S FUCKING WACKY, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, BUY A DAMN CAMERA. For good measure, whomever transferred the commercial from their VHS taped episode of Northern Exposure left on the following O'Douls commercial in the clip. After that adventure, somebody needs a beer. Unfortunately it's O'Douls. Made for sitcom episodes where the keg gets swapped out and everybody thinks their drunk.

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