Friday, December 13, 2019

Happy Friday the 13th part Christmas

Friday the 13th is great, it's like having a little mini Halloween throughout the year! But what if there's one in December? I guess Christmas themed horror movie marathon? When looking up various fast food Christmas commercials, I found this old Burger King spot with the restaurant giving out dolls of the King! While watching it, I thought the 'employee' sure looked familiar. Which isn't surprising as a lot of actors get their start in commercials. Some continually work in them for their entire careers. I'm sure it's a good paycheck in between spots on tv shows and such. But where do I remember that face...

It might not be... but sure does look like her huh? I could be wrong and I don't mind admitting I am, but man that's pretty big similarity. I seriously wouldn't doubt a old slasher movie kid did a few commercials. Btw, you could totally get a Burger King doll during Christmas in 1977. Pretty rad.

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