Thursday, October 10, 2019

Korean GIJOE childrens sneakers

It sure has been a while since I delved into the world of Korean licensed children's shoe commercials. I don't know why either, each time I do it's completely amazing. Here in America, licensed characters on shoes hardly get a spot in a stores sales papers, let alone a TV commercial. These productions alone are worth the view and man this one is some kind of wonderful.

Our host is on an adventure for some sweet new kicks. Fortunately he's in the exact jungle that has a pair of velcro GIJOE sneaks that feature Falcon about to shoot a fool just lying around. I assume it's Falcon, could be Flint... soldier man in beret YO JOE! What's really notable is that dope hard plastic carrying case the shoes come in. It seems as if the shoes come with a sticker and the host implies we can put other stickers on the case... that just blew my mind. Though, what am I to wear while carrying my shoes in that carrying case?

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