Saturday, September 28, 2019

Thunder Punch He-Man will beat the shit out of you

It's a crime that I haven't taken the time to talk about my favorite version of He-Man ever. Talking about Thunder Punch He-Man of course, the best Master of the Universe. What makes this particular version so special? Let's start small, look at that fabulous red outfit. It just looks better than his standard outfit. If you noticed he looks a bit beefier in this incarnation, you're not imagining things, Thunder Punch powers makes the most powerful man in the universe even more stronger. More powerful in the form of an explosive right hook. Regular He-Man is strong, Thunder Punch knock your ass out.

That great looking red outfit contains a red backpack that you insert cap-gun caps into. With a twist of the waist and He-Man punches with an explosive pow complete with satisfying gun powder smoke. On Eternia, if you smell gun powder smoke, He-Man just stomped a mud hole in Hordak's ass and walked it dry.

Adding to the overall superiority of this He-Man is his weapons. You've got a bright yellow power sword that just looks so much better in that yellow than it did in silver. Not to mention his cool chrome shield that can also holster said better looking sword holy crap this toy is amazing. With little details like his white rimmed books, Thunder Punch He-Man always felt like a more premium action figure. Of course in my eyes it is a premium action figure, the most master a Master of the Universe could ever be.

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