Thursday, July 18, 2019

I'll Siege all the Micromasters!

So, per my previous post wondering about what will be shown at the SDCC TF panel, some early looks at the display confirm that Siege isn't a 1 year line like POTP was, but most importantly shown off a plethora of new Micromasters for me to scream like a banshee over. I'm absolutely ecstatic over more Micromasters. I don't think you understand. Not just that, more cassettes (technically Micromasters) and Battlemasters. Sure there's some other regular guys displayed (that I will get), but what's important here is more Micromasters. Holy crap more Micromasters. This is wonderful. The panel is tomorrow (or sometime today depending on when you read this) and I'll be updating more on my further thoughts then. If they show any more Micromasters I'll probably explode.

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