Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cyberverse Japanese Intro and SDCC week on Planet Zone

I've been patiently waiting to see what Takara does with Cyberverse. If it's anything like what they did with RID (2015) then there's a lot of fun stuff coming! Personally, I'm really looking forward to season two.

Seeing as this is SDCC week and I'm likely to get a few more press releases as well as the glut of news coming from the show will probably result in a different kind of week here on Zone Base. Probably a few reaction posts (I don't plan on talking about everything) mixed with press releases and the Spooky Summer stuff (I'm guessing you all are liking those, it's a fun way to slide into the Halloween season). So hold on loosely (but don't let go) and everything will resume whatever constitutes as normal here soon enough.

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