Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Tower of POWER

To say I'm waiting for the Genesis Mini with high anticipation is an understatement. I already have a few different AT Games Sega models and they're readily available still, but as cool as those are this is an official Genesis by SEGA and I care about that sort of thing. While I'm not holding my breath... ok I am... but that's a term of speech... the Mega Drive Tower Mini add on kits for the Japanese version are the exact kind of amazing accessory I need in my life. The games are pre-loaded on the console like other mini systems and there's no upgrading going on here. This is a purely cosmetic thing that's silly and I want it. A mini cartridge, a mini SEGA CD, and a mini 32X can all connect to the mini console to give it the full appearance of a decked out Genesis/Mega Drive. That's so freaking awesome. I don't expect to see it at Target, but in my dreams I already have it.

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