Saturday, April 6, 2019


So, last weekend after we had settled down from my birthday adventure, I played some F-Zero while the wife slept before falling asleep myself. I've always liked F-Zero on the SNES and with our 'mini' consoles in the bedroom, I can play games while the wife sleeps. She usually falls asleep (it took me like 5 times to spell asleep right, that's uncalled for) before I do and there I am just quietly playing F-Zero and farting so loud it wakes her up.

I can't count how many times I've farted while someone was sleeping and they thought it was a ghost. 

It's pretty ridiculous.

I'd like to think I'm good at it (F-Zero), but realistically, I'm probably terrible (much better at farting). I have fun though (both). Thinking this weekend... I should put some time in F-Zero again. Right now my plans include some kind of grape flavored drink and maybe some Pringles. Probably watch some old horror movie at a point. 

I like to play Pico normally, sometimes Captain Falcon. I just misspelled Falcon and it wasn't until I saw the little red line underneath it until I noticed. Falcon is the main guy and has the best car, but Pico seems to handle those crazy turns better and that's where business is done. While everybody is all skidding around those corners, Pico just rolls around them in his car that looks like Cosmos. Just rolls around and keeps going. You gotta be ready to trade some paint in those corners. They say that in racing.

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