Tuesday, March 19, 2019

DC Primal Age

The AWESOME DC Primal Age figures by Funko are hitting stores as we speak and it's pretty hard not to love the barbarian take on the classic heroes. Taking a cue from Funko's Savage World figures, Primal Age ups the ante by going in whole hog with the DC comics characters and turning things up to 11. I've been really appreciating the design aesthetics going into the figures. Not just simply making the figures buff and look kinda/sorta He-Man, but really taking time to design the classic characters into the theme. Masters of the Universe has that perfect fantasy recipe. Mixing swords and sorcery with sci fi flair and just that right amount of kitsch. Funko teaming up with He-Man's parent company (Mattel) has recreated that wonderfully and I hope this keeps being great.

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