Galaxy Convoy

The buzz surrounding the leak of the Siege version of Cybertron Optimus Prime/Galaxy Convoy has gotten me looking back fondly at Cybertron when it was in stores. That certainly was a good Optimus toy. I stalked a few stores nabbing up the first releases of Cybertron one Friday night spending much of the following weekend playing with them on my computer room floor. Though looking back, I don't think I've put much thought into that Optimus over the years.

Instead focusing more on the Energon version that came before and the Classics version that came after. It's a really great looking robot and makes me miss the neat weirdness of the toy. I think that fun sci fi slant on the classic designs is part of what has me liking Siege as much as I do. I like those weird outer space designs merged with traditional looks, which is something Cybertron offered and I super dug back then.


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