Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mighty Orbots/GodMars into a New Year

Mighty Orbots/Godmars intros

I'm sure my regular readers are probably noticing the lack of postings the past few days, and as you can probably guess it's due to the holidays. I didn't make a programing note post as I figured most people would have figured that out on their own already (folks stay pretty busy themselves this time of year). I did carve out a little time to refresh the sites look which usually I do around this time of the year. I tried to keep the same overall space station arcade look, but went neon space arcade. Because I like neon, arcades, and space. I'm probably the only person who sees it because I'm crazy.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, some of the things I plan to do during this long holiday weekend (I had one for Christmas and now one for New Years with a few work days in between... I have no clue what day it is right now as result) is watch the Mighty Orbots DVD set my wife got me for Christmas and some episodes of Godmars (since they're super similar looking) that's been on my watch list for a while. Since I got a metric ton of cool stuff for Christmas, I plan on breaking out the light tent for some good picture posts of some (just some) of the neato toys I got for Christmas. That and play some of the great arcade games that came on this neat retro game console my wife got me. I also plan to play some Monster Hunter. Because I like Monster Hunter and got the newest game for my Switch with some gift card money on boxing day. I know you're concerned.

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