Screaming into space

Damn that art sells it
SDCC is right around the corner and exclusive talk is on every bodies keyboards. Super 7 is teasing a Transformers exclusive by the way of their upcoming Henshin Cyborg style line that honestly looks pretty neat. I do love a good X-Ray/Cross Section robot image.

But, the big one. The poop your pants one. 

The stuff dreams are made of
 A Studio Series Bumblebee set that comes with reissues of Dial and Zaur, some of the rarest Transformers, and they're coming out of nowhere with a Bumblebee. I'm obviously not going to the con, and I hope I can score a set from the after con sales. I say hope because it's already hard for a working adult to get some of this online stuff as it sells out pretty quickly, but there's going to be all sorts of extra competition for this one. I mean, these are the kind of figures you rarely get to even see in real life... and they're coming with a Bumblebee in a SDCC set. People might actually kill over this one. Going to be a bummer when I wake up and find out it was availible for all of two seconds while I was driving home from work.

I'm a positive person, but knowing I'll likely never get this is super depressing


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