Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Combiner Wars: Bruticus vs Sky Reign commercial

For some reason, I've been thinking about Combiner Wars toys. Specifically the deluxe class. Ironically, in a line focused around combining, I found myself really enjoying the individual members on their own. While some complained (take a shot) about the rampant reuse of engineering in the line (they wanted scramble style combiners, but I guess not the working system?), It never fazed me. I really liked the proportions of the figures and the overall build of the robots. I found myself really liking the odd members of more random combiners like Sky Reign that were composed from classic characters that were traditionally not combiners. There was just something about those proportions that just clicked with me as a figure. Sometimes I'll find some customs or digi-bashes of the toys and wish they could have been real. Not that I minded the Titans Returns figures or anything (man, I love that line, it's right up there with Beast Wars as far as favorites go), but it could be part of the reasoning that I enjoy the Power of the Primes figures so much, even though they've got somewhat different proportions.

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