Thursday, June 14, 2018

Beyond your wildest Imaginext

Credit: Matthew Garrison of Imaginext Generation
The current 'on fiya' post in Imaginext Generation is the first sighting of the newest Imaginext blind bag series. Which is, without a doubt, all that and a bag of chips. Let me elaborate in case the amazing picture doesn't already make your mind explode. Imaginext, while being a toy line intended for small children, is very well catered to adult nerds. I've said before that Imaginext is the modern day Adventure People, but as you can see in the picture, there is an Adventure People homage in this series (not the first time either).

What's super cool is that the new X-Ray Man also pay's homage to it's Microman/Micronaught leanings with with a doggy nod to Henshin Cyborg. That's super awesome. I'm tempted to also get one for my brother. The sci fi Adventure People held a proud place on his bookshelf from childhood well into his teen years and I'd wager he still has them stowed away somewhere. Then there's Triple Threat Snake from Battle Beasts making a sneaky appearance. Readers of Zone Base already know how I feel about Battle Beasts and many have fell from me cutting them over many a heated rub sign fight. I'm willing to disagree on many things, but I might kill you over a Battle Beast.

Last and certainly not least. In fact probably the most surprising, a two pack of Muscleman/Kinnikuman and Terri-Bull/Buffaloman from M.U.S.C.L.E/Kinnikuman. That's the kind of awesome surprise you not only didn't expect, but probably embarrassed yourself when you found out. Like other folks my age, I've probably got a metric ton of the little toys and pop hard when I see anything similar. This... this right here... is amazing.

The other guys on the bag look similar too, though I outright am fuzzy on them. Fish head dude is really reminding me of something. The centaur looks a lot like a Navi from Avatar, but being a centaur makes me wonder if he's supposed to be somebody else. Radiation suit guy is a long awesome trope that doesn't need any explanation. You know, there's tons of high end toys for the adult collectors market, but the best one can be found at any Walmart in the toddler aisle for not a lot of money.


  1. Nice post man!! Glad to contribute.

  2. Thank you for sharing the news!

  3. Wasn't one of the older Imaginext toys like a random Ghostbuster? I really should get more into these guys.

  4. Yes! There's a Ghostbuster homage in one of the blind bag series.


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