Friday, April 27, 2018

Where there's heat, there's Cyberfire

Me Grimlock radical
So, work with me here. I had an idea while working. You see, The wife and I are going to see Avengers this weekend. While we normally wait for video for Marvel movies as there's about 50 of them a year, we never miss the new Guardians of the Galaxy movies in the theaters and that's the reason we're making a point to see this. Because the Guardians are in it. Well, I figured we should see the new Thor beforehand as we havent yet and while it was in it's theatrical push, my wife noted they were giving it the same 80's airbrushed, classic rock treatment as Guardians. Which I figured was probably their vibe for the Marvel cosmic stuff in general, which works for me (I really dig it).

So, while I was working I keep thinking about the pseudo 80's graphics floating around these days (and loving it). While internet hipsters try to hate on it (because heaven forbid something be popular), it's a pretty popular theme in general these days (and I love it). So, here's where I'm going with this. I distinctly remember people loving Guardians of the Galaxy use of that old Atari and classic rock type fun. Then the following year, The Force Awakens came out and it too had the neo 80's vibe working with it. It was on t-shirts, trading cards, you name it and both movie series are using the look still (and people clearly like it). It's being used for tons of stuff that you can buy, is being bought, and hey remember that popular 80's logo generator?

My point is in this shirt
The Cyberverse cartoon and line is so G1 that folks don't know how to comprehend it. It's intentionally so as the 80's designs are the traditional Transformers that even the most casual of fan buy t shirts and random stuff on. It's embedded in pop culture and despite how much those fandom hipsters tell you they hate it, they're buying it too.

My idea? Use those pseudo 80's looks and fonts all over the packaging and marketing. Use that cheesy classic movie theme on the cartoon intro. What if the tagline was 'The Touch'? Sure it may be a fad, but it was a fad back then too. Hell, complaining about fads is a fad that will eventually go away (take those hipsters with it, nobodies impressed anyway). Sure Cyberverse is a modern take on traditional Transformers updated for modern kids. But the obvious is right there and man Teen Titans Go! sure doesn't mind using that neo 80's cheese on all it's sandwiches. Come to think of it, lot's of things are using it.

These are toys meant to be played with and entertainment meant to enjoy, so make it fun. The movie series has been so grimdark that the upcoming Bumblebee movie's apparent fun vibe is really catching folks attention. Look around, people are complaining about gritty dark and mopey. They want bright colors and fun. Notice what all the kids are wearing? It's not hard to ignore, as it's so bright it can be seen from space. So, hey a fun cartoon and toyline?

What a weird idea, a fun cartoon and toy line for kids.

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