Friday, April 27, 2018

Ultraman R/B

I've been seeing this promo the past week all over and it sure looks cool. I'll probably watch it in clips and rando general info bits with maybe a full ep here and there (what is spare time?). I really dig the fire and ice theme they have going. Sure, it's a well used theme in this type of entertainment, but I still have always dug it. Just always plays off cool (probably the ice part). Though I got to admit, the promo hits maximum silliness with the running high five. Which of course I approve of (there goes Rob again, having fun with his leisure time activities, what a weirdo) of random silliness like that, but I admit. They come off like a wrestling tag team here. Which is awesome. Unless they go to WWE, where they'll be buried in a week by a team that has 3 moves.

I'm a ROH guy.

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