Monday, April 16, 2018

Numbering Series

The new Studio Series Transformers figures sure are interesting. A more premium version of the movie characters is a welcome thing as not all the toys were the best representations of the on screen characters. Not to mention, fancy things are nice. I got my Stinger finally this past weekend and even though I don't plan to outright buy each one, maybe just a select few, I keep feeling compelled to buy them all.

The figures are individually numbered (Bumblebee is 1, Stinger is 2, etc etc) and the number is predominantly displayed on the side of the box. I really could see myself having the entire series on a bookshelf with the boxes lined up according to number. I'm not really the display type, but can really see that being a neat thing to do.

There's been plenty of other numbered series before and I haven't felt compelled to buy them all due to the numbering, so I'm not sure what is compelling me to do so here. I will say I hope they do a Studio Series Evac and have him exclusively at Universal Studios. Sure it would make him harder to get, but it would be the perfect place for a more exclusive item. Specially a more boutique item.

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