Friday, March 30, 2018

New Waruders are coming, so you better watch your back, IT'S A SPACE BUG ATTACK

The title was my best attempt at a G2 commercial

This morning I was delighted to find out that Takara finally has new Waruders coming for the current Diaclone line. This is awesome, while I don't know if they'll ever do any sort of new Insect-Robo toy as so far they've been keeping what was used in Transformers out of the new Diaclone line (though a new Warudaros would be AMAZING). These are updates to the classic Waruder mech suits that look simply outrageous with several multiple modes of awesome. Being that today was my birthday, this was a most welcome and happy surprise for me personally. It was like a greeting card from Takara before my wife spoiled me with an amazing lunch from Taco Bell (one of my favorite places to eat), birthday cake, and a butt load of awesome gifts (it's Easter weekend, so getting around to a big old post to show off all the greatness of the gifts might take a minute... or days).

The Waruders are planned for an August release, which will be plenty of time for me to sell the kidney to afford them. I really want to get stuff from the new Diaclone, but sadly haven't yet. Though I must get one of these.

The new Diaclone is kinda expensive.

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