Monday, February 19, 2018

Forming Voltron in 2018

Toy Fair also brought me a healthy dose of exciting Voltron news. Looks like as the Voltron 84 assortment cools, Playmates plans on bringing a updated Legendary Defender Voltron out that mirrors his upgrade from the big fight during the end of season 2. Something I've wanted since I saw it!

I'm very excited for the chance to build this guy after finally completing my 84 Voltron (I'm slowly but surely doing it).

Also of interest is the stealth lions in the standard action figure assortment. The lions in those crystal colors are beautiful and look like a sight to be held.

Unfortunately there wasn't a new Metal Defender shown, but I'll keep my hopes up as I that was seriously great. Hoping to get a Metal Defender 84 or even a Quintessence upgraded version at some point. Playmates has really been bringing it with their Voltron line and it's hard to contain my excitement for their upcoming products.

Credit for the photos: Toy Hype USA

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