Sunday, February 18, 2018

Collective thinking

With the news from Toy Fair today, it was hard to not stay in good spirits. Most of my news intake came in spurts as I had a somewhat busy day. I work overnight and had a few chores to do before getting some sleep. Upon waking up I caught up with the various news from the show in between a lunch run to Krystal (my favorite fast food restaurant). In the evening a friend came over to shoot for a Toylanta video as well as some footage for a Transformers fan documentary he's working on. He's got more shooting to do, so I'm looking forward to future segment filming as it was fun.

As far as my thoughts from the show, I thought it best to just compile the so far thought below.


Looks like the movie series reboot isn't as hard as it was initially reported. John Warden casually mentioned that reports were a little off base. My theory is that they'll follow the Bumblebee movies lead. I feel like it's along the same line as the newer X-Men movies that did a soft reboot with a younger cast. I'm fine with that.

Seems that Generations will return in 2019 with the new War for Cybertron trilogy planned. Not an adaption of the old game, but along the same idea of a pre-Earth Transformers adventure. Really excited for that, I'm always for that setting. I'm guessing it's going to run in tandem with the movie studio series toys as a line for older collectors.

Cyberverse continues to look fun, though my initial impressions of the Scouts were wrong. Seems like they don't have a full alt mode and they transform into a simple play mode. Not the new Legend class I took them to be, so I guess time will tell how my Cyberverse buying works out.

*edit* It's finally been confirmed that they do have full alt modes, so I think my original plan now lives again. Really wish news sites would have been clearer on that.

Power Rangers:

Hasbro announced their first Power Rangers series starting in April 2019, BEAST MORPHERS! I'm extremely excited for this as Hasbro just just just IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!!!!!

Pardon me.

An adaption of the awesome Go Busters, Beast Morphers looks to be a good time on the way. Not to mention the hopeful rumors of crossover with TF, my favourite being reuse of Transformers molds in PR similar to Takara using TF molds in Brave. I have no words, this is amazingly exciting.

I'll be updating again tomorrow with more thoughts on news as they come from the show. Right now, the future is looking bright at Zone Base.

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