Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nanos are pretty metal

I had been eyeing the Nano Metalfigs at stores for some time now. Thinking they were really neat, but ultimately deciding the last thing I should do is take up another toy line. My wife took note of my attention, loaded up a stocking full of them for me at Christmas basically made me change my mind on another toy line.

They're really cheap, a dollar a figure, with multi packs basically still costing a dollar a figure. They've got plenty of fun properties to sell. So far I've got the complete Street Fighter series, a few Disney, and a good number of Spider-Man figures.

My overall direction with this line is complete a few series depending on overall feeling towards it and random figures from other sets. I've completed Street Fighter untill they release more. I think for Disney I'm going to aim at a more sci fi/fantasy area. I've got Gizmo Duck and the Armored Baymax. I'd like to get the matching Scrooge McDuck and non armored Baymax and then see what else they release down the road. The classic Disney stuff is charming for sure, but not sure if I want it at the time. Spider-Man is a very fun series, various Spider Society figures with various costumes makes for a fun thing to collect. Though Carnage is a really hard to find figure, so he's going to take some effort. I think I may also try to get all the Batman figures. Not necessarily DC as a whole, but definitely Batman and his multiple figures.

There's so many figures with so many exclusive figures at such a low cost that it's just the right mix for enjoying the past time of collecting alone as well as the things I like that they've licensed. The above picture is just what I grabbed at Walmart while running out to get a roll of plastic to cover the windows (wintertime, you wouldn't believe how much that little plastic cuts out drafty windows and the heat kicking on). That's $6 worth of stuff (not counting my nachos underneath... I was hungry...and hey, they were a dollar too!). The 5 pack is actually about 10-20 cents cheaper than buying figures individually and there's multi pack exclusives.

There's even display playsets Jada makes to go along with them, though for now I've been using my tried and true plastic craft boxes I've always used for sorting and storing small things. The Nano group I'm in is often taking those and making pretty sharp display cases, and I'm honestly tempted to try that out.

In all it's a fun addition to the stuff I already buy and at such a cheap price gives me something fun to pick up even at times when finances can be tight (hello household bills directly after Christmas). Here's hoping the fun little diecast figures keep being fun.

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