Thursday, January 4, 2018

They just call him sports car

I'm just sitting in my living room eating frozen pizza and drinking some ice tea from a dollar store tumblr watching old commercials on my tablet (I know what you're thinking and this is exactly the definition of thug life, cue the music). I was actually having a hard time locating the Black Convoy/Build King commercial. Well, that's not true, I keep finding a grainy one, but I was hoping to get one in a little better quality. That lead to the above compilation of assorted Car Robots commercials (which was fun to watch... still thuggin).

It briefly took me back to the days of watching subtitled Car Robots on VHS while eating frozen pizza and drinking ice tea from a dollar store tumblr (I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me... cue the music) and taking note of the commercials. Those old tapes of dubious release always had a few of the shows related ads included.

My best friend since childhood and I used to live together and he'd regularly rent Gundam episodes on those tapes and we'd watch the commercials. He found it funny that they'd make such a production for a few second commercial and as I've said here time and time again, I thought the tiny tokusatsu style productions were neat. It'd always make for a good time. My next roommate was another old friend that I had made at that garbage Office Max I worked while attending community college. He had a sorta part time job at the same store we'd get those Gundam tapes from (they paid him in free rentals) and eventually they got a copy of the first Car Robots release from that shady anime VHS company.

Which he brought home one night and we promptly made a copy of (because that thug life). Eventually I found a few more releases of the series the company made before the show debuted on Fox Kids. Which was a relief since those shady VHS tapes always made weird noises in my VCR. In all honesty they were probably made on those dollar store VHS blanks sold next to my tumblrs.

That I used to copy of a shady anime VHS tapes.

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