Thursday, January 18, 2018

And Nightracer too, waiting there for me, yes I do

I don't buy a lot of Masterpiece. I've got a few that I like quite a lot, but I don't buy every one that comes out. Occasionally they put out one that sings to me, and oh my did they.

Shadow Panther is one of those toys that I've always loved. Sure to most he's just a repaint of Cheetor as a quasi Ravage toy. But to me, to me he's special. Maybe I'm just ridiculous, but he was one of those must have toys at the time for me. Even though most fans passed on him at the time or bought one on clearance.

First off, the Cheetor design just really pops in those colors. Second, sue me, I like Ravage repaints of non Ravage toys. Don't know why in particular I like it when a Ravage is made from someone else, but I do.

Third, I have fond memories of buying mine. You see at BotCon 2002 there was a guy selling Ravage X-9's for a really low price. At the time I hadn't had much cash on me and when I saw the price, I ran to the ATM in the hotel. Which was out of cash. So I then ran to the ATM down the street, ran back, and ...

Some turd was walking away with all the Ravage X-9's to another table, in which then got marked with a much bigger price. Well, a snooty 'not shopping from that guy from me' and shortly after saw a guy selling Shadow Panther unopened for next to nothing. I had been wanting one so decided it was a good time to finally get one. So basically, Shadow Panther is basically the mascot for me not putting up with douchebags within the fandom.

I like Shadow Panther.

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