Saturday, December 9, 2017

Thunder Megazord

While I can never doubt the level of awesome that the original Megazord brought or the touch of sadness that happens when you realize he's being replaced in season 2 (it was around for 60 episodes after all), the Thunder Megazord was just bad ass. This great giant Chinese soldier robot with Zords that were more magical in their approach and just a touch darker feeling in tone. I just re-watched the 3 part Mutiny episode last night while being snowed in. Despite the goofiness of an episode of MMPR (which I honestly enjoy), the entire thing was just a darker episode. I remember when it first aired how I was like "man, things just got real" when Lord Zedd showed up and even now it's still heavily implied that everything just got more serious. There's no doubting that Zedd is just a hardcore villain. He's this crazy skinless demon wearing Jason X's cyborg improvements wielding a magic staff that turns into a giant snake. The Rangers really needed that upgrade to take on his monsters and it shows. They take 3 episodes of getting kicked around before finally getting lucky and utilizing their new upgrades to win. Season 2 is my favorite part of the entire MMPR run and maybe in Power Rangers overall, and not for nothing, the show just kicked everything up a notch.

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