Saturday, November 18, 2017

Evolution mode

As Power of the Primes toys start popping up, my excitement for the line grows more and more (add in the fact that I am under a strict buy no toys until after Christmas ruling from my wife, and I get even more antsy). I've spent so much time focusing on Primemasters, that I've just now started thinking about the Evolution figures in the line. The leader class figures all have this great Evolution gimmick, which is similar to Star Saber, in which a smaller robot can merge with the rest of his larger vehicle mode to form a larger super robot. In fact, I've been told that the leader class Optimus Prime figure was designed by the designer of the original Star Saber figure (I'm not sure just how true that is yet). It may be just wishing in one hand, but man oh man would I like to see a Evolution Star Saber figure in this line. It's just too perfect of an opportunity.

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