Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I love discount robot cartoons

Micro-Commando Diatron 5
I've mentioned before that I'm a casual fan of Korean robot cartoons, and that stems directly from buying el cheapo robot cartoons from discount bins. They're usually dubbed Korean super robot movies that in a lot of cases outright have stolen robot designs or even footage from Diaclone, Microman, Gundam, and other shows. 

Space Transformers (dubbed Diatron 5)
While the quality of these shows are usually bizarre and usually pretty funny (I recall watching one on a very fuzzy VHS, with a cutaway to a villainous lair that was an inserted cell of Castle Grayskull and Batman ran by in a crowd of soldiers.), I've always enjoyed watching them. In some cases it's the only animation ever made on some robot lines (not counting Transformers for the Diaclone and Microman bots). I've managed to get quite a few of these movies by just digging through discount bins at stores usually for about a dollar each. Sometimes you can really luck up on them at discount stores such as Ollie's or Roses whom have a wide selection of low rent videos. I've even seen the entire movies uploaded to Youtube, which if you want to watch a few would be a good way without digging past endless copies of Dunston Checks In.

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