Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Well, I didn't need wet wipes...

Talk about targeting your audience,
Of all the TF5 merchandising out at currently, this was the most surprising. We had made a last minute decision to run out to Walmart for a few things we were out of and while going through the pharmacy area my wife spotted a bunch of Wet Ones sporting not just Optimus, but a promotion for Universal Studios Orlando and Transformers The Ride 3D!

While it may not be a year or so until I get to visit that wonderful park again, and these will obliviously be used up by then, I can't help hoping to find another pack of these before my next visit. You know, for a quick clean up after a churro or something.


  1. My husband bought shaving cream because it had Optimus on it...and it was a good price...but mostly because of Optimus. I'll have to look for the Wet Ones now!

  2. Oh yeah, I've got the razor gift set that came with the cream. Probably going to grab the Bumblebee and Megatron razors too.


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