Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Woo Walgreen's!

I'm getting a soda, a candy bar, and these.

The new Titans Returns twins have seemingly been given individual release outside of those elusive box sets (got the first one, waiting for the second one to go on pre order again so perhaps I too can pre order one). While the images of their individual release have floated around, a more recent bit of news has given insight that at least one of the two packs will be exclusive to Walgreens. Hopefully both as online exclusives sell out faster than a person can realistically keep up with. Or at least another store giving me time to actually acquire the toy and not watch it's availability vanish before I have time to click buy.

That and I'm old fashioned. I like to buy stuff in person. I know I can't always, but I prefer to. There's actually a Walgreen's a block away from my work and I can already see myself going there for a soda on Friday night and HHHOOOOORRRAAYYYY!

It kinda makes for a good start to the weekend. I make a point to make Friday special. I'll either go out for lunch, or bring a bunch of sodas. Sometimes I'll make a run to Walgreen's, get some sodas and snacks, and maybe some blind bag toys. I know that's pretty much what happened with Brainstorm. He was a Walgreen's exclusive that I had been checking on stores for and one random Friday night I just went to that one by work for a Redbull and a Snickers and there he was.

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