Friday, July 28, 2017

Walgreens what what

I love this store.

Reports have been coming in of a Wreck-Gar Walgreen's exclusive as of last night that have gotten a lot of attention. As I've noted here before, I'm a big fan of Walgreen's, so I look forward to dropping by and picking him up as with those Clones.


But just today, on Talk Transformers, a poster who works at a Walgreen's did a little digging and found some more interesting information.

Thanks Homeslice for the info
Wait... what

First of note is a listing for Laser Rods for 6.99. It's an older listing from 2015, but still curious and interesting. I wonder if it's a listing for legion class toys that went unnoticed. What really has my attention is the Battalion series. According to him they're scheduled to arrive early September for around 16.99 each. They're not listed as exclusive, so it's reasonable to assume it's a smaller retail release of the Cyber Battalion figures sold in countries like China and Brazil. A few have been sold as Universal Studios exclusives here in the U.S, so I can assume those figures won't be in the assortments, or maybe with some changes. As I have the Universal Studios versions and have been wanting the others, I'm happy to see this. I've been saying for awhile now that these would make excellent toys for something like a Walgreen's or a Family Dollar. They're large and pleasant chunky figures that are basically scaled up legions for kids to smash around together. Though, for a fan like me, there's a lot to love about them. Hopefully this pans out, because I'd love to swing by the Walgreen's by my work on break, and grab a Red Bull and a Prowl.

I love toys that come in a box.

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