Saturday, July 29, 2017

Walgreen's Wreck Gar waits for no one

The mystery over that Walgreen's Wreck Gar just keeps going and speculation keeps speculating. Some people think it's movie related. Though some think it's a reuse of the Combiner Wars Groove mold, or even the Technobot version. Others have just figured it would be a reuse of the older Generations mold. There's also talks of possibly being a Titans Return toy we don't know about.  My pal at Walgreen's has gotten me a little more info on him which at least says he's part of the Generations line.

Credit: Brian Scott Collins

While some movie toys have been released under the Generations line, I'm leaning more towards a normal Generations type toy. I'm halfway hoping it's a use of that CW motorcycle mold and the other half hopes for a TR toy.

Either way, I'm totally getting one.

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