Sunday, April 9, 2017

Forged To Fight

Earlier this week, the newest Transformers mobile game was released for Android and iOS. Transformers Forged To Fight is a combination of fighting game and RPG that results in a really good time. It's one of those free to play games that cost nothing upfront, but have pay features. Fortunately the for pay features are not presented in a way that pummels your urge to play the game to submission. They're all present, but not obnoxious. As in most games you can pay for additional resources and for  more playable characters.

The game features Transformers characters from various series and continuities in a setting that pits them against each other in a series of scenarios involving mutiple fights. When I say fights, I mean they beat the crap out if each other. The fighting is fun and not super complex, though involved enough to keep you enthralled. The ongoing storyline is entertaining and fun. I'm a big fan of cross dimensional team ups/ all out fights storylines and can't be more pleased for a new one that doesn't entirely repeat well worn threads.  One mission involves G1 Prowl having words with movie Barricade hilariously.

So far I've had a lot of fun with the game and hope to continue to enjoy it. It runs pretty smoothly on Stylo 2 and the size of the phone allows for me to play the game comfortably. I'm not sure if it's just as easy on the hands with a standard sized phone, but I can't imagine it being bad.

I really appreciate the variety of inspiration for all the various Tramsformers characters. G1 Optimus Prime is represented by his Combiner Wars voyager toy, while instead of movie Blackout, we get movie Grindor (who was that background helicopter Deception in Revenge of the Fallen, who was basically a repaint of the Blackout toy on shelves).  As Beast Wars characters are included in the game, I hope to see an Omega Point inspired event. I know that's incredibly far fetched, but would completely fit in the setting (yes, I know it will never happen).

Forged To Fight is pretty great and I can't recommend it enough for Transformers fans and those who enjoy a fun video game. You should go play it now.

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