Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Optimus Prime Day

30 years ago today.
So, it's Optimus Prime Day. A Transformers fandom holiday dating back to the days of Transmasters fanzines. What makes today so significant? Well, on February 24 1987, The Return of Optimus Prime part 1 was first aired. Marking the return (it's in the name) of Optimus to lead the Autobots in the cartoon (which was in it's third season, post the 1986 movie).

Now, obviously Optimus first returned from the dead in the episode 'Dark Awakening', however in that episode he was basically a reanimated corpse thanks to the Quintessons. His consciousness gained control over his evil zombie ways and saved the day, but ending as the episode drove in that he was still super dead. Somehow astronauts recued him from that ending at the beginning of TROOP (it's a reach) and Optimus Prime was officially brought back to life as he lit another darkest hour.

At some point during the more early fandom years the date got turned into a holiday of sorts, more as a day of remembrance. It's mostly forgotten in todays fandom aside from the few of us who still get that email reminder from the Transmasters list. The relevance isn't lost on me. Tomorrow I've got a planning meeting for Botlanta (the Transformers programming track at Joelanta). I guess it's the little things sometimes that make you smile.

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  1. This is the first I've heard of Optimus Prime day. Thank you. There's little for me to do except maybe reposition my figurines in triumphant poses, but hey, it's something. :)


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