Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The God Bomber Gambit

I just adore a good cross section.

I've mentioned before how much I love Powermaster Optimus Prime. It's no mystery, and Robert Stack isn't going to narrate a reenactment. He might say 'open dammit', but that's non negotiable.

But one thing that took me completely by surprise was the whole Ginrai thing.

You see, in Japan, PMOP was another character named Ginrai. When he combined with his trailer, he became Super Ginrai. When I first learned of this in the mid 90's thanks to the internet becoming a part of my life, my mind was blown. But what really got me was God Bomber. Ginrai's little buddy that would also combine with him to form God Ginrai. I quickly accepted it and even learned to love it as part of my PMOP fandom. But the name always stuck out. I mean, without any prior knowledge, what mental image would a name like God Bomber bring?

This wasn't what popped in your mind, was it?

So later when the God Ginrai gift set was reissued, I was quick to jump on it. Then later when PMOP was reissued in the US, it was just a repackaged God Ginrai (of course I jumped for it too). Funnily enough, they renamed God Bomber as Apex Bomber. Apex Bomber became the Apex Armor for PMOP. Which felt like a better name to me.

When I hear the name God Bomber, I think some giant dude. Not a plucky little box guy. Apex Bomber is much more fitting. Actually, Apex really works. I bet his friends just call him that.

The Apex Bomber name has stuck around and been used occasionally. Seeing as Ginrai eventually became Victory Leo in Japanese TF fiction, I can't help but to wonder. What if Victory Leo got released over here? Would he still be called Victory Leo or something different? Would he be called Apex Lion?


Looks like a problem with his timing belt.


  1. So, Ginrai and Convoy are different characters? Cos Convoy is Optimus's Japanese name, right?

  2. Yes, Ginrai is another guy. Actually, the transtector used for his Godmaster was intended for Convoy, which is why they look alike.


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