Sunday, September 4, 2016

Burning Something

Yuki/Koji looks like he saw the ring video.

Jump back a little farther back in time than it feels like and picture the year 2000. There I was, a broke community college student. Living in my first place, a duplex shared with my best friend since childhood. It was late night into the early morning.

I was sitting in our kitchen, my laptop ran to the phone line, looking at all the cool stuff for Car Robots while listening to the newest episode of WCW Thunder I had taped while at work.

Beast Machines had recently started in America, but in Japan, they got this new show that was a return to vehicle Transformers. I was interested, it looked super cool. All the toys were just out of my reach, as I was hardly able to afford the occasional regular retail TF release. Let alone import toys from another country.

It wasn't but a year later that I was watching episodes of the show subbed on VHS tapes my roommate/friend (different apartment, different friend) would bring me from his part time comic shop job. News of the show and toys getting a US release was starting to filter out and I was pretty excited for the chance to finally get them.

Few months later, there I am waking up early to watch the show on Fox Kids on Saturday mornings. A few episodes in, 911 happened and ruled out certain episodes to be shown. I still woke up every Saturday morning to watch each episode. Then before long, just before the last episodes of the series would air, the Fox Kids affiliate in my area would turn into a Spanish channel and there I was without the end of the show.


Few years later, I acquired a not exactly official DVD release of the series from Rockman666 and finished watching the show (pre YouTube). Little more time and history seemed to try and forget the show, but occasionally reference the toys. For some reason, fate had decided to wipe this show from history, or try to anyway.

Several years later, I'm laying in bed next to my wife, writing a post about how I liked that show on my phablet with 10% battery left. I've seen the standard amount of internet hipsters poop on the show. I've also seen the back of my eye lids roll as I wonder how they magically hate things people like. I don't know, I don't care. That was a lot of fun for me back then.

I liked that show.

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