Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beast Wars 2 AutoJetter

My living room makes for a good backdrop, I guess.

Years ago at Charticon, I bought this awesome AutoJetter figure for a whopping $10. It was a great deal, I had been meaning to get one eventually and for that price, who could argue? I'm quite fond of the Autorollers from G2, and the fact that the two unused molds got released in Takara's Beast Wars II line had always made me happy.

Yes I know, he's not an animal in Beast Wars.

As you can tell from the picture, this is the Korean release, which I tend to prefer for their neat packaging. I don't know why I like a box with a tray better than a window box. I just do. What's neat is, the tray inside the box has a page from a Korean newspaper taped over the tray. For what reason, I don't know. Maybe it's just the way the kid stored his toys. Or perhaps the kids grandparents kept toys at their house and felt they needed to seal up the tray. Either way, my AutoJetter has a page of Korean newspaper taped to its tray and if that's not a reason to brag, then I don't know what is.

From 1999 even! That's such a special year, even Prince sang about it.

Once you open up the special Korean newspaper seal, you find AutoJetter and his parts just lying there like a lazy bum.

Just going to lay there all day?

What's neat about this toy is, it kinda transforms itself. Like all Autorollers, you just roll him along and he folds up into robot or jet mode. That's fun in the same way popping bubble wrap used to corner the market in. With a little switch in the back, you can lock him into a mode. That's handy, because if you don't, he gets floppy. And nobody has the time for that nonsense.

As you can expect, AutoJetter turns into a jet.

Another neat play gimmick is his missile firing wings. Each wing holds 3 missles, when you move the sliding lever, it fires the missles in order. It's pretty neat and even carries over to his robot mode.

You don't want him making finger guns at you.

In robot mode AutoJetter looks kinda like a knight. There's a dominating blue color that is hidden almost completely in jet mode. Personally I love this toy. When it comes to classic toy styling or silhouette, I vastly prefer the G2 visual style. It's just got this character to it that's firmly rooted in it's time and isn't often duplicated.

AutoJetter, like all Autorollers is all toy. Which is something great considering he was made for small children to play with. I like toys better than fancy shelf pieces. A great toy is just more impressive to me and AutoJetter is both impressive and a great toy.

Also, mine is sealed in a Korean newspaper, so I have no choice but to think mine is special. Because he is.

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