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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Battle Convoy commercial

I've always been very fond of using the trailer as some sort of sarcophagus for Optimus Prime/Convoy.

Alice Cooper- Man Behind the Mask

Friday the 13th Part 6- Jason Lives! is one of my favorite of the F13 movies. If I were to call it right now, 1-7 is the series prime time. 1-4 being the best, 5-7 being the back end. The rest are enjoyable, but obviously not up to the prime standard. Still though, 6 is one of my favorites for it's awesome self awareness. They really tried to make it special and they sure did. It was thanks to repeat viewings of this on HBO as well as the constant marathon of prior installments on WGCL 46 (before it was a CBS affiliate and was AWESOME) and WATL 36 (when it was AWESOME) all summer (remember when I said summer was the lead in to Halloween) which inspired me to be Jason for Halloween the following year.

Of course, it was the late 80's, so you know what I wore.

The ever present dollar 'horror' mask that can be found at any store during the season in a variety of colors and sometimes mouth hole opening variations. Before higher end licensed masks of Jason Vorhees was available, THIS was what you had to work with. Honestly, I'd wager this still outsells the official ones. Of course sales data would be impossible to prove since a million of companies make them and you practically trip over them in any store you walk into from September to October. I still occasionally buy one and wear it to a random fall festival or Halloween occasion. That or those rad skull and pumpkin masks that are always hanging next to it. 

The 'horror' mask is at this point as much of a staple of Halloween as a pumpkin in my book.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Mister Rogers Google Doodle tribute

Today's Google Doodle celebrated the 51 year anniversary of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I am not even going to pretend this didn't get me a little emotional. If I can place one person as a definite role model in my life, Mister Rogers would be it. If there's one person who I can strive to be as good as, it's Mister Rogers. The world is better for having such a person in it who told children each and every day that they're special just the way they are. Sometimes when I was a kid and I felt all alone in the world, that's all it took to give me a glimmer of hope. I don't care how old you are, everyone needs to be reminded of that occasionally and shown just how better of a person you are for just being a good person.

Kronoform watches commercial

Being the second Kronoform commercial I've posted this week, I think it's safe to say it's been on my mind. Thing is, I think Microman and it's related extensions are super neat. Part of the charm of Transformers is the idea that the car that just drove by could be an alien robot from space. Microman follows this same idea, just the adventure is so tiny it's just under our noses. With the Microchange concept, that micro-cassette you used to record a lecture in class could actually be a robot fighting a battle while your not aware. I mean, those little dudes just up and had a fight in the living room on that end table where all the remotes get thrown. Whoa.

Diakron and Kronoform are particularly sticking out to me as we put so much focus on Diaclone and Microman that what is essentially the missing link in Transformers history gets looked over. Sometimes I wonder (and I've done it here before) how things could have been IF Takara was successful and the deal with Hasbro never happened? How different would things be right now? As I was writing that, it occurred to me that the Michael Bay movies would have been a little truer to form...

Guns N Roses- You Could Be Mine

I wish I could fully explain the impact Terminator 2 had on a young me, but I'll just leave it as that Terminator 2 deluxe make-up kit I got at Walmart made for one of the best Halloween costumes ever. Even though my Mom made me wear a horror robe with it.

Real talk: I didn't even like Guns N Roses until this song.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bumblebee McDonald's Happy Meal commercial

These cute little toys have been on a world tour this year, appearing all over in different Transformers Happy Meals. Here in America, they're going to be matched up with the Bumblebee movie. Which is a little odd, but considering how more traditional looking the bots in the Bumblebee movie are and the 80's aesthetic... why not go with classic evergreen designs? Honestly, I'm down for a few Happy Meals. I like McDonald's.

Dennou Keisatu Cybercop intro