Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ice Zone

I'm currently snowed in. Good thing the new Godzilla is on Netflix today, so I can watch that later. I never know how to handle these days. I live in the American South, which means we don't really know how to deal with show and ice. When we have a storm, basically everything is covered under inches of ice and it's random if the city salts the roads. So, I promise to get back to regular posting soon, just today I'm literally a fish out of water. The wife and I just ventured to our local Circle K and we feel like we just went on a epic adventure. To be fair, there was a lot of cars ran off the road.

Zone Base fun will continue soon, pinky swear. Probably tommorow, just today's weird for me. I feel like I should apologize. I'm sorry, I promise to get back to regular posting tommorow.

Insecticons 1985 commercial

I've always been drawn to the Insecticons. Just a cool concept that I've always dug. Think about it. Alien bugs from outer space. In Diaclone, the bad guys were the Waruders, a race of alien bug people whose mecha was giant robot bugs. The deluxe Insecticons were Beetras toys and didn't get used on the cartoon. The main three that we all know and love were reuses of Diaclone Insect Robo, which were the main soldiers of the Waruder army. Once I learned more of Diaclone and Waruders, I was amazed by how similar the Insecticons were portrayed on the cartoon to their Diaclone forefathers.

Diaclone Blitzwing

One thing from the past I miss was when Takara would do some sort of reissue of a G1 toy, E-Hobby would release the toy in a special edition. Usually in the Diaclone colors of the toy mold and as a new character. This was super cool and really neat in most cases. Getting an original Diaclone toy can be expensive, so having the option for a reissue was a great alternative for someone who just wanted to have one. Not to mention having it folded into the greater TF mythos was a great plus. The Blitzwing edition was particularly cool as it was intended to represent a new line of military robots produced by the Quintessons with a funny name, 'Overcharge'. Obviously a joke for fans to laugh at, the name in fiction is meant to be a nickname used to refer to the bots. The soldiers are Drones called the Terrorbots, sold for high dollar and use exceptionally high amounts of energy.

Get it?

GiG Throttlebots

Italian Transformers commercials are slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Just look at that plucky Goldbug zoom around there. That's pretty gosh darned great.

Must see beast TV

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fuzors are cool man

Speaking of forgotten Beast Wars commercial CGI, did you freaking see that mural on a stoners van come to life to sell the concept of Fuzors? That was freaking amazing! Like Hey kids, do you party? Are you cool? No, I mean are you cool? NOT COOLER THAN NEW BEAST WARS FUZORS!  

B'boom goes the dynamite

Folks often remember those old G2 commercials for the CGI, but often the CGI in early Beast Wars commercials goes forgotten. This commercial sells the poop out of these new (at the time) Mega Beast Wars figures. B'boom was a great figure that really was the ideal early beast era figure. Cool alt mode, cool robot mode, and cool weapon platform thingy mode (this was an early gimmick in BW as was the mutant heads). Transquito was around on shelves for years to come up into the early 2000's. I'm not sure why as he's a fun toy in his own right, though I think at some point you could have built a house from stacked up Transquito boxes at the local Toys r Us. Both molds got reused in Beast Wars II, which is great that they got another chance at much deserved limelight.