Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Raphael [Turtles of Grayskull]

After tracking Shredder to Krang's Technodrome, Raph charged in headfirst, then a flash sent the Turtles to Eternia. Wearing Ram Man's spare armor, he's tracking Shred Head and seeking a way back home.

Cool but rude, Raphael is wearing Ram Man's outfit to fight the Evil Warriors and Foot Clans team-up. It's easy to say this line goes hard, but in this instance, it goes really hard. Raphael looks amazing as a Ram Man analog, and considering his stubbornness... it's a fitting match. Outside of that it just looks great. Raphael comes with a cool twist on his trademark Sai, one is a large Eternia variation that can be stored on his shell. The other is attached to a gnarly gauntlet that allows for a real Punch of Kill Everything. Like the other Turtles, his shell can be detached and held as a shield. Everything just works so well and looks so cool, Ralph should really be the poster boy for the line. He just sells the line theme and gimmick so well. Of course he has the standard MOTU Origins amount of articulation and like the other Turtles his bandanna even has articulation. This is such a cool figure.

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