Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Nucleous [Legacy United/Deluxe Class]

We've got another Armorizer to look at and it might just be the coolest yet. Nucleous is a heavy remold of Magneous with a lot of new parts. Like most Armorizers, Nucleous can be split apart into pieces to form armor or weapons for other Transformers figures. However they might want to be careful, because as his name suggests, Nucleous is composed of raw Nucleon! To much exposure could cost them the ability to Transform! Or in the case of the Marvel comics, eventually shut down completely. That stuffs dangerous, and he's a living rock creature made out of it. Oddly enough, raw Nucleon looks a lot like milky quartz.

I quite like Nucleous's looks. He's a mixture of living rock and radical robot. Love that head sculpt. Transformation to rock car is pretty easy as it's  the same as Magneous. There's not need to split up the parts, though the 'car' roof part that can either mount on his back or be used as a shield will need to be adjusted a little as one of the rocky rocket pods has to fit under it. Those rocket pods, BTW, combine to form a club for Nucleous... or I guess a torch similar to Magmar's weapon.  Nucleous is a really cool addition to the Armorizer ranks, and despite being a remold/recolor feels like a brand new toy. I'm admittedly smitten with these new rock robots. I love the homage to past lines and their connection to Inhumanoids. These are some cool toys, and that's a rock fact!

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