Monday, July 8, 2024

Galactic Weekly Update- 7/8/24

It's Monday and a new week is beginning here on Planet Zone! Thanks everyone for returning after that long holiday break for more robots, monsters, and misadventure! I enjoyed my holiday, but dang, it went by too quick. There was family fun spent at my brother's house for a Fourth of July cook out and the Mrs and I took in a good bit of Halloween shopping Friday. Saturday and Sunday saw a lot of downtime resting at home while getting some work done for the Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem starting next month. I made a point to get some quality gaming in with my Switch and Super Pocket as well. 

I haven't done a weekly update in a few weeks. In that time Challenge of the Gobots has started airing on the new MeTV Toons channel and I've been happily enjoying watching it again. I've got some DVDs of the show, but seeing it aired on TV again is a real treat. Unfortunately the show airs at an inconvenient time as part of a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning 80's cartoon block. Fortunately the Frndly TV app has DVR. Challenge of the Gobots gets a raw deal, but really is a pretty good cartoon!

Toy wise, I picked up Cybertron Starscream and Vector Prime from Legacy United this past weekend. That and a TMNT Nano Metalfig vehicle set and a weird block figure set of aliens vs monsters. The weekend before saw Armorizers Nucleous and the Target Optimus Prime get delivered. Party Wallop should be here in the coming weeks. I had pre-ordered him a while back, so of course it's already showing at some retail locations. I hate pre-ordered lol. 

Well, time to get this week started. I've got some fun content planned for you all. Thank you so much for reading Zone Base. There's been a lot extra of you all lately and I really am thankful for the extra eyes my little site has been getting. Please don't forget to share the site with your friends and Mutual High Fives everyone!

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