Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Megatron [AMK Mini Series]

Starting our look at the Transformers AMK model kits by Yolopark is Megatron. He is from the G1 themed Mini Series, which are a more basic kit than their larger offerings. There's no painting or removing parts from sprues (give the nippers a break!) and the parts snap together with relative ease. They don't Transform, but you probably were aware of that going in. Once assembled, Megatron looks pretty nice. He's pretty show accurate and has a nice shiny silver paint job. These kits come with a variety of hands. You get a closed fist that can also hold a weapon, open palms, and a set of pointing fingers. Combined with the surprising amount of articulation and Megatron is one expressive figure. If you would have handed me an assembled one, I'd never have guessed it was originally a model that required assembly.

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