Friday, May 24, 2024

Silverbolt (Legacy United/Voyager Class)

I've been really looking forward to an update of Silverbolt for some time now. He was a favorite from Beast Wars who seemingly had been forgotten when it came to updates. Silverbolt is a Fuzor, a Transformer who transforms into a mixture of two different animals. He turns into a wolf/eagle hybrid that's pretty fantastic. I've always enjoyed his robot mode's appearance as well. He's very unique looking combined with great characterization of the show making for a lovable character. This new figure is larger Voyager Class compared to the Deluxe Class original. The extra room fits him and allows for a more show accurate toy.

Honestly, this toy isn't a big departure from the original. It's very similar to the with some improvements like placement of the wings in robot mode. Speaking off those wings, they no longer have the 'flapping' gimmick or shoot missiles. Instead the feather swords attach via pegs and are smaller, which looks better. Silverbolt is fairly articulated in robot mode and has a VERY show accurate sculpt. Like other recent updates, he looks like walked out of my TV screen. Transformation is fairly easy and similar to his original figure. I transformed my original one a million times while watching the show and found my hands automatically arranging parts from muscle memory. It's not completely the same, but somehow he was transformed in a few seconds without much effort. I should have been watching Beast Wars while doing it for old times sake.

In beast mode, Silverbolt is a winged wolf that looks like something out of mythology. Articulation remains pretty good here with he wings able to be put in a variety of poses. The way his rear end comes together is a bit messy. The back legs kinda just rest against each other leaving a big gap. You can look past it, but it's not really avoidable. Really though, that's the only negative thing I've got to say about the toy. Your going to have a messy area here and there in a Transformer and that's not the worst I've ever seen on one. Other than that, Silverbolt is a great toy and I'm happy for the update. I'm sure there'll be a Windrazor version as Generations Selects, but I really hope for a 2003 Universe version. Always loved those colors. The ongoing love Beast Wars is finally getting in Generations is exciting for me and I'm definitely glad to see more characters than just the original season cast. Silverbolt's a good toy of a great character. It's awesome that they made this.

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