Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Predacon Scorponok (Studio Series/Deluxe Class)

I don't know if it's obvious, but I liked the Scorponok named soldiers from Rise of the Beasts. Considering this is the third toy of one I'm covering on this site, I feel like it might be noticeable. This time we'll be looking at the Studio Series edition of Scorponok, a toy that is a complete upgrade from the prior figures. Scorponok is screen accurate aside from deco, which is a black and purple color scheme more akin to a classic Insection. While that doesn't adhere to the screen accuracy idea of Studio Series... it looks great. It actually looks so good that I wish that these were the onscreen colors.  Scorponok looks extra villainous in this toy. While I enjoyed his Beast Alliance figures... this is clearly the better of his toys. It's just really impressive and I'm very happy with it.

Scorponok is a very freaky Monster Gobot looking robot whom turns into a weird scorpion inspired insectoid. I like to presume that Scorponok represents one of the many Predacons that worked with Scourge's Terrorcons in the movie. It's not really defined, so they all could be a drone type names Scorponok. Characterize them as you will, I liked the movie, but these guys were basically cannon fodder soldiers. They transform into a gnarly scorpion themed insectoid with monstrous pincers. Said pincers contain guns. The scorpion tail is articulated and can be used as a weapon in robot mode. There is a small port on the top of the beast mode back. I wonder of another accessory was planned and left out? Bot modes are fairly articulated and specifically cool looking.

Transformation from robot to beast mode is not very complex, but pretty neat. Scorponok essentially lays down and the set of legs on his robot back fold out. His upper robot legs fold inside the main body, while the lower legs unfold into more insect legs. What's interesting is his pincers. The robot arms fold up with the hands going into the shoulders. You then unfold the pincer arms our from the robots upper torso. I found this to be pretty creative and was pretty impressed with the ingenuity of it all. Neatly enough, Scoponok uses the same head in bot modes, but due to positioning, it manages to look different from itself in either configuration.  I've liked all the Scorponok toys from ROTB, but this is definitely the best. It was a great birthday gift from the Mrs and an absolute pleasure to play around with.

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