Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Original Robot Animation

The Transformers as a TV show technically lasted 5 seasons. Three full seasons with The Rebirth counting as season 4 and season 5 being repackaged reruns. Of course it feels like cheating to classify a bunch of reruns as a season... but the Generation 2 series was just repackaged reruns. Which admittedly also feels like cheating. However, if you've ever been curious about season 5, you'll of course remember the live action bumper sequences with Optimus Prime and possibly the intro. Considering the show was repackaged reruns, you'd figure they'd just reused existing intros... but no. To the untrained eye, it appears to be all new animation featuring current toys. In fact, however, the new intro is all animation from toy commercials being used.

I like watching older commercials and post enough of them here to make that very well known. So of course I enjoy watching these and taking in all the cool little animated bits. In many cases the quality of the animation is a little better than the cartoon itself or makes me wish they were scenes from unmade episodes. It's hard not to watch little bits like Micromasters running amuck and wish it were from an actual cartoon. The animated Action Masters present a solid case for an Action Master season. Sure, the Takara series exist... but I had no clue about them when I was 11. Thankfully these days it's easy to watch these little spots whenever you want. They wouldn't do it, but a collection of these animated segments would make a great special to air on the Transformers Channel.

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