Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Dinobot Slug (Legacy Evolution/Core Class)

Around 2009, someone at Hasbro discovered Slag wasn't a friendly term everywhere in the world and started using alternates with Slug being the most often used. At this point there's more Slag toys named something completely else than Slag... but it's still an elephant in the room in some corners of the Transformers world. I'll be calling him Slag, but the name on the box says Slug for those reasons. Slag is another member of this Core Class Dinobots set and a classic Dinobot as well. As a Core Class, he is pretty small. though apparently is one of the larger toys in the class. Slag, like Snarl, could almost pass for a regular toy as his combiner limb nature isn't completely evident. If not for his dino tail weapon containing Volcanicus's head, it'd be pretty easy to hide.

Well that and the assorted pegs visible in robot mode. Slag looks fairly accurate to his classic character here with obvious omissions for size and paint. He's a good looking figure. Transformation from robot to Triceratops is fairly easy. He's another one of those toys where everything looks like where it would go. The dino tail forms a 'blaster' in robot mode. It also is storage for Volcanicu's head and forms part of the combiners abdomen. Snarl forms the main torso of Volcanicus and mirrors Kakuryu in Dinoking... which is obviously another use of the mold set coming at some point. As a Triceratops, Slag has a fair amount of articulation considering his small size. All four legs can move and his mouth can open. Opening his mouth would of course expose the robot mode head... but that was the case on his original toy as well. This is a perfectly serviceable little figure of Slag. Like the other Dinobots in this set, I like him a lot. In fact, I like this set and am honestly enjoying it more than the full size Volcanicus from Power of the Primes. Not disparaging that version at all (I like it quite a bit), but the more compact design benefits the combiner overall. Everything is just sturdier. Not to mention, I really enjoy the blocky old school nature of this set of toys. We've got one more Dinobot to go until Volcanicus awakens! 

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